Sebastian manages and helps lead our fountain fletcher location in addition to styling behind the chair.
A penchant for fantasy and creative color and cuts and a deep love for bigger than life avante garde statements, Sebastian can also reign their wild side in for more classic looks for the professional crowd.

Free hand scissor and clipper techniques have earned them the title of master of men’s grooming. whether it be for the high fashion dapper dude or men seeking classic barber fades- Sebastian is the one.

On the color front Sebastian excels at free form hand painted highlights and lowlights. Their blonde work is exceptional and we pride them on their punctuality and ability to stay on target for the client who is on the go. Sebastian is an avid triatholon lover and competes frequently in their free time. fun fact: Sebastian was born in Nepal and in elementary school was a jump rope champion and even went on a jump rope tour… discuss…